Saying the Oregon Ducks look good in their beat down of Arizona over the weekend could be one of the biggest understatements of the year.

Chip Kelly’s team didn’t just shut down the No. 22 ranked team in the country, but the Ducks the looked great while doing it. Though they didn’t take the field in an all-black uniform, like many expected them to after the release of the Nike Lunar TR1 ‘Oregon’ sneaker in a black colorway earlier in the week, the Ducks combined their best elements from each of the previous games to show off their best look yet.

On Saturday, we saw the return of the dark green jerseys from Week 3. However, instead of the gray pants, the Ducks went with black for a more fluid look. To compliment the sleek Nike Pro Combat uniforms, the squad wore the reflective HydroChrome LiquidMetal helmet. Whether it was the green on black color scheme, or the contrasting chrome helmet, or a combination of both, the Ducks meant business in their first conference game this year. So far in the season, Oregon has showcased four different on-field looks, and more importantly, are 4-0 in that stretch. We expect to see the same trend continue form the No. 2 ranked team in the nation. Next up for the Ducks is another Pac-12 matchup, this time against Washington State. Stay tuned for continuing Ducks coverage.

Grade: A-

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