Before the Nike Blazers hit the streets as a modern style icon, the kicks gained their legendary status on the basketball court.

The Blazer has come a long way since it was introduced back in 1972 as the first basketball sneaker from Nike. Despite a simple design and basic performance technology, it was worn basketball greats like George ‘The Ice Man’ Gervin.

Today’s basketball sneakers have evolved significantly both in terms of design and performance. While the original Blazer basketball shoe may not stand up against today’s tech-heavy kicks, the revamped limited edition Blazer Mid LR combines the classic appeal of the 70s with the modern innovations of today.

The Blazer Mid LR, with its black suede upper, reflective swoosh, and natural gum rubber outsole, still has the same classic look. What’s different is what’s underneath the hood. Complete with an ultra-cushioned Nike Lunarlon midsole and skate shoe traction on the outsole, the Blazer Mid LR offers superior performance and comfort that is sure to elevate your game both on and off the court.


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