Football enthusiasts and gear fanatics alike were thrilled earlier this year when Nike unveiled their new NFL uniforms. Some teams saw drastic style makeovers, while others were enhanced with the latest Nike tech and kept aesthetically traditional.

In the just-released Madden 13, your favorite team will be rocking the new Nike gear in all its glory. Die hard fans will be glad to know that the Swoosh depictions are accurate and lifelike. With no details spared, this is quite possibly the most realistic entry in the Madden series yet. Back in April, Madden's art director, Jean Adams, spoke to ESPN about the shadowy preparation behind Nike's big addition: "We moved all of the people working on the Nike project into one room, and we even disabled the Internet connection in the room just to guarantee there would be no leaks.”

Adams continues to elaborate on the Nike tooling, “I think when people play 'Madden' and they zoom in, they are going to notice a lot of the cool little details, because everything from the stitching to the piping is different. The pants are different because they have a jersey mesh on the side, and they've never had that, so I think gamers are going to appreciate that we have all of the details right.” Clearly, the art team has been working diligently to ensure that every uniform is as close as possible to its real life counterpart.

Pick up Madden 13 from national EA Sports retailers today to catch a glimpse of these extraordinary details.


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