Step up your insole game.

While most custom insoles are fairly expensive and may require assistance from a fitter, Masterfit’s EZ-fit Insoles are a good bet if you are looking to add a little extra cushioning to your peak performers.

Made up of a multi-layered EVA, the EZ-Fit insoles use "Wear-N-Form" technology, which allows for a more comfortable fit by adapting to the shape of feet. For added comfort and stability, Masterfit has also added it's "Shock-tuned Poron" technology, which consists of shock pads and a forefoot cushion underneath the heel and forefoot- making for a smoother ride. The insoles weight a light 2 ounces and can be trimmed at home for a fully customized fit.

Pick up a pair of the EZ-Fit Insoles at Masterfit Inc.