Stop Making Up Grades 

Sneakers aren't like baseball cards or coins — there is no universally recognized grading system. But that doesn't mean you should just make up your own. So don't try to squeeze as many "V"s as possible into the subject line when you can clearly see creases on the toebox and dirt on the outsole. Here's a helpful primer: DS (deadstock) means the shoe has never been taken out of the box. They're exactly as they were when they left the factory. You can get away with claiming DS if you took the shoes out of the box to photograph them, but that's about it. Once you try them on, whether it's in the store or in the mirror, they're not DS anymore. That would be an allowable time to call them VNDS. Wear them out the door — it doesn't matter whether it's once or a thousand times — those are used shoes. Period. Just remember, when you try and oversell the condition of a shoe people get pissed (as you would too) and if a problem does occur remember eBay is going to side with the buyer 99 percent of the time and there goes your credibility.