It's hard to believe it has been a decade since Kanye West cheated death in a car accident and the Chicago native took full advantage, transforming from one of the most promising up-and-coming producers to arguably the biggest pop culture icon in the world. Everything he does makes headlines on every news outlet, a website is dedicated to his often imitated sense of style, and every new track or album he drops causes social media traffic spikes at ridiculous rates — he wasn't far off when he compared himself to Michael in his prime. During his run as the King he has put out a few albums that are going down in history as classics and along the way he took every chance to showcase his passion for fashion — especially sneakers. And when the first non-athlete to get a Nike signature shoe talks about kicks (our friends at Nice Kicks charted his and Jay's Michael Jordan references) we figured we should take notes. Check our Guide To Kanye West's Lyrical Sneaker References and let us know which bars were the best.