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A yellow Post-It note was left in Tinker Hatfield's office. The sneaker guru was given a seemingly simple task, but he took it as a huge challenge: "Make an outdoor basketball shoe." Nike Basketball's "20 Designs That Changed The Game" series continues with the Nike Air Raid. The outdoor game was a different animal. No referees, no trainers, no agents looking on with pagers (at the time) on alert. It's a rough world out there in the cage, and the warriors who graced this arena needed to be accommodated. The prototypes were built with rugged features like lockdown X-straps and a thick rubber outsole. The durable leather was ready to withstand the pounding it was about to take. But this wasn't cumbersome like a space boot. Still retaining a lightweight feel, this versatile package ensured those who geared up for battle were prepared for any conditions. Footwear fit for Perseus and mere mortals alike indeed. [via Nike, Inc.]