No nonsense. That was Charles Barkley's playing style (the same can't be said about his commentary, though). And that's how Nike attacked the Air Max2 CB. Continuing on with the "20 Designs That Changed The Game" series we get a look at the second signature shoe for Sir Charles himself. Trying to contain Barkley's force was a problem. There was too much to go around, among other things. So Nike kept it simple. No crazy colors. No experimental technology. Nothing fancy — PERIOD. There were the straitjacket-inspired support straps to keep the behemoth grounded. Reinforced lace locks to prevent the force of nature from shredding the upper to pieces. And the menacing teeth on the midsole just in case you got too close. The end result were flexible tanks that somehow helped everything looked so graceful and elegant. Maybe even fit for royalty. [via Nike, Inc.]