At some point in our lives, we’ve all had to suffer through a training video of some sort or another. You know the kind that teach you, “Hey Marie, how’s the day going?” is a good ice breaker. And, “Hey girl, you got a big ol' ass, let me see you jiggle it baby” is not. No, we aren’t making you sit through a corporate sexual harassment seminar. We’re just showing you Tom Sach’s Video Studio Manual. By now you’ve heard of Sachs’ NIKECraft Collection. Whether or not you’d wear the shoes or the gear, you’ve got to admit, NikeCraft was an ambitious undertaking. I for one was hoping for a motherfucking jetpack, but I guess sneakers are cool too or whatever.

The video, entitled "Working to Code", outlines the rules and regulations for all employees and visitors to his studio. It’s interesting to see how calmly such strict and precise rules are laid out. Let’s just say I’m not sure I’d want to be Tom’s roommate—I thought that one guy who told me my keyboard clicked too loudly was bad.