In what may be the strangest pairing since Lisa Marie Presley pretended she was having sex with Michael Jackson, Très Bien Shop just announced that they will be carrying the Nike Air Yeezy II. And online, no less. Primarily known as a premier destination (both online and brick and mortar) for their combination of classic and contemporary menswear, Très Bien Shop has never waded this deep into shark infested hypebeast waters. But it kind of makes sense when you think about it. Has there ever been another sneaker, or shoe for that matter, to ever cause such an uproar of press, interest, disdain and general intrigue surrounding its release? The answer here, if you're still waiting for one, is a firm "Fuck no, never." So, just like that, Très Bien Shop (who luckily happens to be a top account with Nike Sportswear) is in play and the masses will no doubt flock. They'll get to be a part of sneaker history (honestly, this is more prestigious than it sounds) and, in the process, expose themselves to an entire new customer demographic who spends their entire retail salary on the trendiest gear, which, if it wasn't already obvious, they just so happen to have in spades.