While we continue to receive new imagery here and there of the much-anticipated Nike Air Yeezy II, as well as highlight the sudden onslaught of celebs who have begun to receive their pairs, Nike has come through with more detailed info regarding the composition of the makeup. Of course much of the hype surrounding the kicks is purely based on the aesthetic, but the Swoosh wants to make it well known that these Yeezys are also very performance-driven.

Animistic inspiration can be noticed on several aspects throughout the model, as anaconda-textured leather quarter-panels have been utilized, further accented by a Vac Tech Swoosh. The unique heel has been molded with a reptilian-specific spike, also featuring scales within the mix. The foundation of the Yeezy II was taken from the Nike Air Tech Challenge II, as the brand then implemented the use of a midfoot strap.

The II is also less bulky and noticeably more slimmed down, while focusing a great deal on comfort and breathability. All in all, we see a mixture of materials from leather to ballistic nylon to soft nubuck being utilized throughout the luxurious drop.

Additional details and branding give a nod to ancient civilisations, as you will notice hieroglyphic imagery that spells out "YZY" on the loop strap. The Roman numeral "II" can then be taken note of via the leather lace toggle to furthermore round out the detailed delivery.

In closing, we have now been told that the Platinum and Black edition of the Air Yeezy II will become available on June 9 through select global accounts. [via Nike, Inc.]