The 2012 NBA Playoffs wrapped up last night, and after two straight years of #slander, LeBron and the Miami Heat finally got to celebrate like it was 2006. It seems like years ago (two months) that D. Rose and the top-seeded Bulls bowed out in the first round after Chicago’s favorite son tore his ACL. In the end we got what we wanted, the top superstars in each conference battling it out head-to-head and Nike turning out new player exclusives for its heavyweights on what seemed like a nightly basis. But it was more than just the superstars, when you have players in their early 20s with no tie to a particular shoe who are conscious of the sneaker blogs, there are bound to be some gems on the floor on any given night. Click on the gallery to check out The 25 Best Sneakers of the 2012 NBA Playoffs and let us know who was ballin’ in the best.  

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