10. Air Jordan III "Dave White"

Year: 2012

Customizer: Mache Customs

Number of Pairs: 12

"Had to get one of mine on here! They may not be the most original of customs but these were originally meant to be a personal custom for myself. I have been a fan of Dave White and his work for a long time, I used to rock his t-shirts, had his paintings as my screensaver, I just loved his work... I was pissed when I couldn't get any of his pack of Air Maxes way back when. Then I saw his Air Jordan 1. First the gold toe pair which was bananas, then the second pair in the black/red/white colorway, wowwww.  I figured I had no shot in hell in getting those either. So I took it into my own hands, the black/cement III was a perfect base in theory, black, red, elephant print?! Let's do it. The end product surpassed what I had imagined. Even DW himself hit me up to say good job — when the originator gives me props I knew I did something right. " - Mache Customs