The Air Jordan 2012, released just last month, takes the brand in a new direction, with customizable cushioning and ankle support. The complete AJ 2012 Deluxe package includes no fewer than two inner booties and three different insoles, dubbed “Fly Through,” “Fly Around,” and “Fly Over.” We asked a few sneakerhead editors from Complex’s Network to give us their take on the AJ 2012, and which bootie/insole combos best suit their personal game.’s Nick Restivo is an avid baller, and says he prefers the “Fly Through” option with a low bootie, noting that “the low cut provides enough ankle support for playing in the post, but keeps a sleek look and feel for playing on the wing.”

Sean Sweeney of feels the “Fly Around” insole and low ankle sleeve are best for his personal style of play, which centers on “quick dribble moves, pull-ups, and speed.” He gave the combo a test drive in a pick up game against Jadakiss and DJ Clue during NBA All-Start Weekend.’s Aaron Kreielsheimer and Matt Halfhill from both like the full-length air cushioning of the “Fly Over” insole. Kreielsheimer calls it a “best of both worlds combo of Air in the heel and Zoom in the forefoot,” while Halfhill feels like the AJ 2012 reflects the greatness of Jordan himself, a player who was constantly adjusting his game.