Nothing against my main man Jason Petrie AKA "Alphaproject" (NT knows), who's absolutely killed it on the LeBron 8 and 9, but my personal favorite of the LeBron line remains the Zoom LeBron 2, designed by Nike vet Ken "Kenzo" Link. With its mix of full-grain leather and ballistic mesh bulked up with removable ankle straps and double-stacked full-length Zoom Air, they were like football shoes for the hardwood, or a Mad Max version of the Air Jordan XI. Just 20 when they dropped, LeBron still had love for the hometown, so Nike made up these PEs for his SVSM squad in both away and lesser-seen home varieties. You had to be on the team to get these, but a few pairs made it out — a big thank you, to my nameless Swoosh benefactor. I still haven't worn mine yet, so I figured on the occasion of LeBron's 27th birthday (time flies, huh?) I'd give everyone a closer look.