"When I said they were the Forum High, even internally at adidas, everyone assumed that I meant the mids until I started bringing physical references. You know the thing is, we like brands, and we’re in tune with whenever we can trace back that inception date, like ‘5th grade I started liking sneakers. A lot of people work at these companies, but they just work there. It’s not like ‘yo I was obsessed with adidas and finally I work with adidas’ — sometimes that’s not the case. A person like me, a person like you, we’re trying to explain something that predates their knowledge of adidas. Predates their interest in adidas. So I was really trying to explain like ‘hey this is what happened, I’m on the handball court and these drug dealer dudes had the velour suit and the sneakers and it was so valuable and Boston was on fire, and they cost over a hundred dollars and it was king shit! It was royal.

"Talking to EMZ, and talking to Adam, there was a crest pack back in the day, but not in the sense of the word ‘pack’ as we use it today, like when three things drop at the same time, sam material story or whatever, but there was a crest Stan Smith that EMZ sent to me. It didn’t look that good, you know it was what it was at the time. I heard a couple stories that the crest was developed to rival the decorative Troop and British Knight situation back then. That’s one man’s opinion, kind of urban folklore. They’re saying ‘hey ’88-89 Troop was poppin’ and LL and the crowns and British Knights had the crest,’ so they were trying to create something, and this is just opinion again, might have rivaled that thing. But because it was adidas it came off a little differently, it came off like ‘oh shit a crest.’ So even though they were trying to talk to that customer it didn’t come off as cheesy or contrived as Troop or British Knights. And its can still be still relevant today —like British Knights tried to come back a couple years ago, but this shit still means something.

"We took the existing crest because the embroidery was so crappy — again there’s no actual archive references or graphics — so we took the crest that was on there, you know from far it looked but up close you could tell the embroidery techniques from back then weren’t so good, so we redrew it, kept it as close to the original as we could, and made it better. So it’s still referencing the original, it’s still the old crest just with modern updates to make it readable, make it translate.

"I’m hoping that it means something. I’m hoping that when it drops it gets some attention and it means enough for them to consider bringing it back in the line. It’s high, it could be higher than the Air Force 1 High, I believe it’s actually higher than that, but in context, if presented correctly, it could mean something and I’m hoping they run with it. It’s part of their heritage. adidas has so much heritage, man they have the German heritage then they have a whole lineage of American heritage. Then they have a whole history of American urban heritage. They have so much history, way beyond a Nike and anything else, that they don’t have to make up, they don’t have to try to put together, they could just open up their history books and pull it out. They don’t really utilize it as much as they could, but I’m hoping that this could be one of those steps in the right direction."