"Basically I was just letting them know that to reconnect with kids today you gotta give them a little bit of help, you have to help them help you, and you know, a little information goes a long way. So I wanted to re-present the shoe in the right way, surround it with some energy and some information for kids to be able to make their own decision. I think when the shoe is put in it’s proper context it means something. When you just drop it out the blue and it has a Star Wars motif or it has a Def Jam, Jeezy snowman on the tongue, a lot of these things muddy the information and the value of it. It doesn’t do it justice; you gotta make it valuable before you start doing crazy things to it.

"Today is a different game. Shelf life is really small. And I’ve been through it, I’ll do a collaboration and it’ll leak early, you know pics to the web and I’m scared cause it’s not out yet but if kids see it two months prior to the release date they’re like it’s old, shelf life is so accelerated. You need to do something with some substance, you need to do something that really sticks to the ribs, you know so this was that, trying to put something together for them. Plus it meant something to me personally, so it was always a pleasure to work something that means something to me. And if I could make it mean something to somebody else that’s even better."

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