"So I went there, showed them the shoe, showed them the presentation, spoke to them about it. Explained to them the fact that, you know someone like Nike, regardless of how long the Air Force has been around they subliminally, and through focused marketing, they’ve always kept people in tune with where the AF-1 came from, you know with anniversary parties, celebrations, and regardless of the customers age, there’s always a hint to when it came out. I mean there’s always a lace lock with the year on the shoe. So I turned to everyone in the room and I was like ‘can anybody tell me the first time the Forum dropped?’ And nobody knew! I mean people knew approximates and what have you but no one knew the year. So I just explained to them this shoe was so valuable just to sneaker guys in general and to basketball sneakers, and the first stage of the sneaker craze — this was a basketball shoe, it was expensive, it was beautiful, and it was hard to get, and that’s what it was, that’s what made it great. So I tried to explain to them the value of the shoe and the value of bringing it back, and they’ve always had a hard time reintroducing the Forum because they’re trying to drop this shoe with such heritage but they’re trying to drop it with no information, like ‘here.’ Kids are like ‘ok, what is this?’"