"So I finally got 20-year-old samples in my hands — Rev sent me a red one that kinda faded to a pink over the years, and EMZ sent me — a navy blue one, yea it was like a faded blue. Both these had been through the wringer, nah mean, like 20 years put away or whatever. Then I linked up with adidas like, ‘hey we’ve found what we’ve been looking for, I found what I always told you guys about.’ So anyway I went to Portland and basically just put on a little presentation, let them know the value of the shoe to us, you know to me and the guys that shop, the value of the shoe to Boston, which — all this internet coverage is great, but in reality we’re selling to our city. So we were trying to create something that would resonate in our city, and hopefully would catch on everywhere else, but you know Boston was a major adidas city. Back in the day that’s what it was, then they slowly started disconnecting with the youth, the youth moved on, and it’s hard to get ‘em back. So this is one of those steps to try and do something that will kind of create some energy for adidas in Boston and in general."