Fila & Reebok

Song: "The Light Freestyle"

Album: Unknown

Year: 2008

Wale: "In life she the wife who was right in that deep end/given her the TLC I'll never creep then/she make me Chili like T-Boz, me leave her out/I'd rather wear a pair of Filas or Reeboks"

Complex says: We see you Wale with the TLC connection, and oridinarily we might have to mess with him for all the simpin' but certain tracks you have to pay respect to and "The Light" isn't meant for all that thuggery. Wale comes correct and even compares how he'd rather rock a pair of Filas or 'Boks before losing his chick. Um, note — we did not find any art of Wale wearing a pair of Reeboks or Filas so we kindly substituted two of their illest models to try and balance the damage that was done with that half a bar. 

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