Agency: Houston Effler & Partners
Year(s): 1993-1994

The idea of creating an alter-ego for an athlete's Sneaker Personality wasn't a new concept by the time Larry Johnson signed with Converse, but we have never seen a character with as much charisma as LJ's Grandmama. I thought for sure that Larry Johnson would have signed with Nike after coming out of UNLV, but it just wasn't the case. Larry Johnson stated that, “Coming out of college, I was going to be the number one pick. I was coming out of UNLV which is a big-time Nike school and that's all we ever wore. I couldn't wait to sign with Nike coming out of college. And believe it or not, Nike did not sign me. They flat out told me they didn't think I was going to be a good pro. They went after Billy Owens, Kenny Anderson, and Dikembe Mutumbo as their three main guys. I was the number-one pick and they didn't have faith in my abilities. Converse came to me after that saying 'we love you, we have a great idea for a commercial.' And they pitched me a great idea. (in regards to the Grandmama character)”. From Larry Brown Sports (Via Nice Kicks)