Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Year(s): 1989-1991

Who better to promote your line of cross-training sneakers than the first athlete (in the modern era, anyway) to play two professional sports at the same time? “Bo Knows” became part of the American vernacular after this campaign was introduced in 1989. Here we have the ultimate combination for making a successful Nike campaign… especially during this time period. First it starts with another revolutionary Tinker Hatfield concept and sneaker. Then they attach that sneaker to a charismatic, almost mythical sports hero. We all know Michael Jordan was in that echelon and so was Bo Jackson at the time. None of us could fly or play a professional sport. This guy was playing two. The final ingredient is that old school Nike humor. This campaign played on the idea that Bo Knows how to do everything. We saw him racing cars, cycling and even surfing, dude. Gretzky just responded “No” when it was suggested he could play hockey and the only thing he couldn't seem to do was keep up with Bo Diddley. The Bo Jacksons from this era are still some of Nike's top designs of all-time. Bo did eventually end up knowing Diddley, but some argue that he still don't know jack, because he can't rap.