Just because Billy Hunter and David Stern are seemingly pissing away this year's NBA season doesn't mean basketball will cease to exist altogether. #BasketballNeverStops, remember? This coming week marks the first real action of college hoops, so between that inauguration and the controversy regarding the lockout, we thought it only fitting to hook you guys up with a coinciding list. To save a little cash in the process — you know, with the holiday season coming up and everything — we gathered some of the dopest bball sneaks priced at under 100 bucks. The NBA players might need to get wind of this drop as well, seeing as they're all out of jobs and missing out on their (multi-million dollar) paychecks — tough life. So before you sign up for that local rec league (or as you're prepping to school your 5-year old son on his Fisher-Price goal), check out our list and cop a few pairs of the 10 Hoops Sneakers Under $100.