Spike Lee and Nike got history. Spike's character in his directorial debut, Mars Blackmon, never took his beloved Air Jordans off — a role that eventually grew into the greatest product endorsement campaign ever. To honor their connection, Jordan Brand gave Spike a signature shoe all his own — the Spizike — a fusion that used elements of all the classics that Mars pitched. He stopped by Footaction in NYC to sign the latest version, and we caught up with him for a quick Q and A.

What got you into sneakers?
Just growing up in Brooklyn, that’s all it is.

It’s part of the culture?
Hell yeah.

What is your favorite Jordan sneaker ever?
I’m terrible with Roman numerals but I think its the 11.

The patent leathers?
Yeah, the patent leather Jordans.

How do you feel about having your own Jordan Brand sneaker?
It’s great. I mean, I thank Mike all the time I see him, you know, thank you for doing this. He didn’t have to do it either.

How do you feel about the NBA lockout?
Money, it comes down to money and I think there’s gotta be a middle ground somewhere.

Is a 50-50 split good?
Whatever it is, there has to be a middle ground and its affecting people, you know a lot of people. I bet you Footaction doesn’t make as much money now as they do because before the game you come here, definitely. The McDonalds across the street, I mean this whole industry people thrive on it — when we have 20,000 in the Garden, everybody makes money here. Everybody.

How far do you think the Knicks are from winning a championship?
Not far, I mean if we play this year we are going to win a playoff game at least, we won't get swept in the first round. Thats not gonna happen.

Who in your opinion is the most serious celebrity sneaker collector and why?
Clark Kent really has his stuff tight, Bobbito, those are two right there.