Greetings, I go by the name of Premium Pete. If you’re not familiar with who I am — I’m the founder of SneakerTube.TV. Since I love sneakers so much, I decided to invest my time and effort building up the sneaker community through a video sharing, networking community online. I had a vision one day to create a site where sneaker lovers, collectors, aficionados, and businesses could interact on the same platform. When I decided to go forward with this project, I pushed myself hard to make it happen.

Through sneakers I’ve been honored to meet some of the greatest individuals, who like myself, are driven to make a difference in this world. Sneaker talk has always been a point of engagement to politic with just about anyone I come in contact with. I love the moments and experiences I’ve encountered all because of my passion for soles. It’s very possible in life to gain true friendships and even travel the world all by one common interest — sneakers! These sneakers in my list are not only my top 25 sneakers but they are filled with moments in life while I was rocking these sneakers.