Michael Jordan – adidas Pro Model

High School: Emsley A. Laney High School – Wilmington, North Carolina
Class of: 1981

As a self-proclaimed "adidas nut," Michael was at many times seen rocking the adidas Pro Model during his high school career – where, during his sophomore year, he was just 5-11 and deemed too short to play on the varsity team at Laney High.

Furthermore, as has been comedically replicated, Jordan's high school buddy, Harvest Leroy Smith, was the only sophomore to make the varsity team. (Jordan has been said to have checked into hotels during his playing days with the alias "Leroy Smith", Ron Mexico-style). Jordan being cut by his high school coach, Clifton "Pop" Herring, is said to have been a significant impetus in defining Michael as both the player and person that we have come accustomed to knowing today. In the same token, many are today more familiar with the Pro Model's low-cut cousin, the Superstar, but the Pro Model has been revamped again and again and continues to remain a pivotal (no pun intended) basketball sneaker.