Last month marked the Fifth Anniversary Kixpo event, held at Cowboy Stadium (they had to stay occupied somehow during the lockout). Other than the usual buying, selling, and trading, the attendees were able to witness the unveiling of an impressive collection of Nike Air Max LeBron VIIs. And when we say "impressive," that is an understatement. Sneaker enthusiasts Brian Wolfe (@verbhal) and Carlos Clewell (@AddictiveSole) gathered nearly every makeup, including a plethora of unreleased offerings, of the LBJ VII in each of their own shoe sizes (12-13). Nearly a month later, hosts the gang of Bron Bron sneaks in all of their glory. So take a look at a few colorways below, but be sure to head on over to Dsicle to check the collection in full.

[via Dsicle]

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