45. Nike Zoom JST

Year: 1998

Some shoes just go under the radar for no good reason. 1997 and 1998 and the dawn of Zoom Air gave Nike the opportunity to go crazy on the design front without the shackles of a large Nike Air unit. The result? Some outlandish looking sneakers. This Tinker Hatfield design arrived ready sliced in terms of appearance and was originally built for Mr. Michael Johnson in track spike form. The black and gold striped look is like nothing we'd ever seen before, and while some cues from this classic cropped up in more late '90s/early '00s designs, they never pushed things this far out. Like all the best Nike styles, it's not some nostalgia-trip — the Zoom JST was defiantly next-level around the same time that the Foamposite was making the competition look quaint. An underappreciated masterpiece.