2. Nike Air Max 95

Year: 1995

The Nike Air Max 95 changed sneaker design. Again. Sergio Lozano's contribution to this shoe as designer was tremendous, with that use of gradient shades and a structured lacing system that was supposed to homage the human spine and skin. Retros have dropped the ball by ditching the 25 PSI and 5 PSI on the Air unit and outsole and 'airmax' on the tongue, but from the box to the shoe, the originals blew minds, with an appearance like nothing we'd ever seen before. Some of the original color pops and this model's spacey attention-to-detail could well have had an influence on the next wave of industrial design from the likes of Apple — enough media types and architects were wearing them back in the day. Influential and unsurpassed. We can even allow for the squeaking bubbles that cursed early batches. The Air Max 96, Air Max 97 and Air Max Plus deserve shouts here too.