27. Nike Zoom Spiridon

Year: 1997

The Nike Zoom technology had made a splash on court a couple of years prior on the feet of Mr. Jason Kidd, but could it be applied to a runner? Yes it could. If anything, the lightweight, totally unobtrusive application was exactly what was needed to keep the grams down and reduce finishing times. The Zoom Swift Triax was good, but before that masterpiece ever hit shelves, the Zoom Spiridon changed the game. The Spiridon was released in a few forms during the 1980s, but 1997's incarnation's metallic branding, visible outsole technology and looks akin to a stripped down Air Max 97 — plus a big RRP — made this a connoisseur's favorite. The unreleased version with Paris's Opium store was incredible. The basketball variation was an embarrassment to the good name of Spyridon Lewis, winner of the first modern-day Olympic marathon in 1896.