40. adidas Oregon Ultra Tech

Year: 1991

The Dellinger webbing is a pattern that performed, with the polyamide netting offering shock-absorbing properties. The fact that Bill Dellinger was once Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman's right hand man, and that one of the shoes that debuted this technology (alongside the Atlanta) in 1982 was called Oregon — Nike country — almost certainly rankled. That ghilly-laced silhouette inspired this 1991 update that applied a Soft-Cell to the heel and boosted the shape as if it was an Air Max 90 retort. That said, adidas's history of updating classic models with 'Super' and 'Ultra' editions goes way, way back. The New York, Marathon TR, Toronto and Waterproof are two more hugely significant Dellinger-assisted running designs worthy of note.

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