Adidas Kobe I

Released: 2001
Complex Says: "When it came to the Adidas Kobe I, Adidas desired a design that was both avant-garde and 'hip.' They ended up not only taking inspiration from the Audi TT — which was very popular at the time in Southern California — but also having Audi themselves design the sneaker! The design was based on 'German simplicity' and utilized the Audi TT's thick-to-thin aerodynamic lines, clean body and 'bullet-nosed' front. After Audi finished styling the shoe through its nontraditional clay models, and Adidas added the sneaker's functional aspects, Kobe stated, 'The sneaker is absolutely on fire... it's hot! It's real light and provides support for me. It's smooth, it's slick and it's different and I love it. I'm crazy for it.'"