3. Nike Mavrk Low "Nigel Sylvester"

Nigel says: "That Mavrk was the first Nike shoe I designed — it was like, a year or two after I got on Nike, so the opportunity was so crazy. I had in my mind I wanted to do an all-black Dunk, just use a whole bunch of different materials but all black, that was the theme behind that. It came out just sick, we used different kinds of leathers and suedes, ostrich and snakeskin — like six or seven different materials on one shoe, all black though. So from a distance it’s like cool, an all-black shoe, when you get up close you see the detail, you can appreciate it. That’s like a lot of things I do in life, from afar it’s, oh cool, but when you get up close it’s like oh shit, there’s actually some thought that went behind it. Inside was purple quilted which is super-comfortable, and a gold check on the outside, but the inside check was black. So that was pretty cool."

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