It's about that time, kids (for some of you, the time has already come). Better clean out that backpack full of sand, a half-smoked pack of Marlboros, and an empty bottle of Jack. Yup — it's back to school time (insert elongated sigh here). But we all know that the most important thing when returning to class isn't a good schedule or even classes with the hottest chick on campus, but to re-up on your gear — most notably, your kicks game. And what better way to do that than to take it back with some classic nods. Don't worry though — you won't need any research or have to run around from shop to shop. We hooked you up with A Buyer's Guide to the Best Retro Sneakers Available Now. You're welcome. Now see if you can land a night out with — well, don't limit yourself to just one chick.