Why would anyone wear a pair of white-on-white Nike Air Force 1 Lows day-in and day-out for a month straight? Why not? On August 1st, Nick Schonberger (@nschon) and I embarked on a bit of an experiment. We purchased two pairs of size 10s at the Foot Action on 34th and 7th (total cost: $183.70), declining all the peripherals (Force Fields?), returned to the office and put them on. They've basically been on ever since. We've been posting regular updates on Twitter at @whiteonwhiteAF1, and will post a full annotated gallery of all 31 days right here on Thursday, September 1st. If the first 10 days are any indication (see photos above for a brief summary), this could get really ugly. For the record, it's all downhill from Day 3.