"Tinker's design work at Nike sparked a passion in me that still resonates and you really have to look at him as the father of the game in many respects. The sheer number of classics he's created is mind blowing, and I just strive to honor the legacy he started and continues to build on at Nike." — Jason Petrie, Nike Basketball Designer

"He is the Godfather of the industry, in my eyes. He is a very approachable person, but I think many designers put him up on an unreachable pedestal, when in reality, you just need to reach out and ask for time. He will give it to you. As for what he has meant to Nike, I really think he is one of the few who created the brand. I put him right up there with Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. There are obviously a ton of people who have helped to create the brand, but someone has to create the vision first. To me, that is Tinker. Nike’s true visionary." — Aaron Cooper, Nike Innovation Design Lead

"Forget about all the Air Jordans for a second, and maybe the one thing that I did that was unique was brought sort of that architectural sensibility about designing personal and cultural significance into the products." —Tinker Hatfield


Trying to fit all of Tinker Hatfield's greatest creations into one post is a lot like trying to get all of Michael Jordan's greatest plays onto one DVD. It can't be done. So as we continue to celebrate Tinker's 30th anniversary with Nike, we give you a look at 10 more of his, well, revolutionary designs.