Fabolous Gets Exposed On ESPN

Complex says: When ESPN's Kevin Wilde and David Jacoby decided to make a show about sneakers, Bobbito Garcia was the first and last name on their list of hosts, and rightfully so. Garcia, famous for hosting Stretch Armstrong's popular '90s college radio show, penned the groundbreaking article "Confession of a Sneaker Addict" in The Source in 1991, as well as the sneaker culture tome, Where'd You Get Those? New York City's Sneaker Culture: 1960 to 1987 [Testify, '02]. The producers had no idea the resulting half-hour show, which airs on ESPN2 at 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday nights, and feature segments on sneakerhead dons like Flight Club's Chris Ridell, and celebs Carmelo Anthony and Trick Daddy, would expose F-A-B-O's F-A-U-X collection. "All the kids on niketalk.com were like, 'Yo Fabolous was showing some fake Jordans on the screen and didn't even know it,'' Bobbito recalls. "I don't think he knows to this day."