Vans Customs - You Just A Customer

Complex says: Customization is all the rage today, but it’s nothing new to Vans. For those who believe Nike ID is the best thing since shelltoes, peep game. Before sneaker customization went from niche hobby to overpriced mainstream trend, Vans was on it — the company started offering custom sneakers in March of 1966. Founder Paul Van Doren believed in selling shoes directly to customers, and allowed them to bring fabric to the factory to be turned into a shoe. “We’re known for having funky patterns and doing Hawaiian prints, and stuff like that,” explains Vans spokesperson Chris Overholser. “And the way that started was people would bring in their board shorts that got too ratty, and we could pull fabric from them and make them into shoes.” The company put a halt to its custom business when its factories moved overseas in 1995. In 2004, Vans got back in the custom game with its website. Who want what?