Nike Is Lost At Sea

Complex says: On May 27, 1990, a huge shipment of Nikes got lost at sea. In one of the strangest shipping accidents ever, 80,000 pairs of Nikes went missing in the Pacific Ocean en route from South Korea to the United States. Oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer has been recovering Air Solo Flight, Strike Force, and Pegasus from that overboard shipment ever since. “Nike makes durable shoes,” says Ebbesmeyer. “Apparently they’re tougher than the ocean.” Now, Ebbesmeyer tracks their movement. “If you follow the shoes you can follow the currents.” He says a shoe from the spill can drift at an average rate of seven miles per day. “It’s 24,000 miles around the Earth at the equator. So they’ve been floating long enough to go around the world twice.” Dope floats, indeed.