On Friday, June 10th the second release of the Undefeated x Puma Clyde collection will release worldwide. The "Cali Canvas" Clydes pay homage to basketball legend Walt "Clyde" Frazier as well as the West Coast where Undefeated make their home. Same antimicrobial footbed and redesign as the original Undefeated Clydes, but this time the Formstripe was left alone. Check out a short interview PUMA conducted with Undefeated's Eddie Cruz:


Q: How would you describe the California lifestyle that you reference as the design inspiration for the Cali Canvas Clydes?

A: California style is very casual, but at same time sophisticated and understated. We wanted a simple, classic fabric story that would be versatile as well. We wanted to let the fabric and color story do the talking.

Q: What was it about this West Coast lifestyle that inspired you to apply it to the Clyde?

A: The first drop we did with PUMA had more of an East Coast feel to represent where we come from. With the June drop, we wanted to represent where we are at today and the time of year of the release. The logical choice was something clean and light, with strong colors.

Q: This is the first time that PUMA has done a Clyde in all canvas. How do you feel this new material evolves the design of such a classic shoe?

A: Canvas is a very versatile material that can be as expensive as you want it to be, from an espadrille to a brown shoe. It's all in the finish -- it's what makes the shoe separate from anything else.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about why you decided to go with the two different color formstripes on the shoes?

A: Like anything we do at Undefeated, we added a sport influence by using team colors (white/red, black/gold, blue/white); then we added the "fashion" khaki/brown colorway.

Q: What do you see people wearing with the Canvas Clydes?

A: Anything they want. It's a really versatile shoe that works with so many different styles.