During the fitness craze of the '80s, Reebok capitalized on it by providing consumers with sneakers designed solely for fitness buffs. Out of this craze the Freestyle, Ex-O-Fit, Workout and Classic Leather were born and all performed phenomenally well on the market. Fast-forward two decades and Reebok brings back the original four that started it in an all-white Vintage Collection. All four models will come in white garment leather made to look worn to further accentuate the vintage look as well as certain aging techniques like yellowed glue drips and puckering of the leather. Reebok even went as far as to bring back the original tags and branding that graced the models from the '80s as well as the original-style boxes. These will be hitting retailers in July, so be sure to grab your own piece of nostalgia.

[via Highsnobiety]

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