#10 Nike Air Yeezy Black/Pink

Big Sean: “Just another dope-ass colorway. My favorite shoes are mostly black. That was another example of where [Kanye] made a design that was fresh as hell like a Jordan. They reminded me of a retro Jordan. No new shoe has made the impact on Nike that the Yeezy has made on Nike, period. Jordan has to keep putting out the retros because that’s what people like. These Yeezys I feel embody the same energy as the Jordan retros. No disrespect, I just really feel like they're on that level. I can’t wait for the Air Yeezy 2s. I’ve seen them, they’re dope as hell. I can tell you that you may get similar colorways, that’s all I can say. You may get some black and pink Air Yeezy 2s. Maybe, maybe not."

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