If you heard the Maybach Music Group’s sneaker-heavy track “Fitted Cap,” which leaked yesterday you've probably noticed the crew takes their kick-game serious. So what shoes were they exactly rapping about? Check our line-by-line breakdown and click through the pics to see just what sneakers the may-may-may-may-Maybach music squad likes lacing up.

Listen: Wale, Meek Mill & Rick Ross f/ J. Cole "Fitted Cap"



Rick Ross:
"My Jordans high-top, snapback fitted cap."

"Foamposites, the LeBrons, I’m fuckin’ wit’ the Spizikes."

"My chick black and white, she ain’t no dime, that bitch a Concord 11 know I’m reppin’ this, shoot and I don’t ever miss."

"P-R-Ps is proper, couple Gs when I’m shoppin’. My girls and my SBs, got a thing for pink boxes."

"I ain’t e’en tryin’, fool, ho, I ball like private school. You bammas like Hyperstrikes, your wifey sleep outside of you."

"Pine-green Foams, they may never see the store. Got LeBron Entourages like Maverick and Richie Paul Bitch. I ball, ho, you lame, look at my Laneys, switchin’ lanes. Look at my 9s, look at my Blazers, look at my 4s, cut wit’ laser."

Meek Mill:
"I said I’m swaggin’ out in my Cool Greys, no LL, but these cool Js."

J. Cole:
"Lord, forgive me, as a kid, I used to look at niggas jealous. ‘Cause uh, they had them Js, and my mama wouldn’t cop ‘em. Can you blame her? Hundred dollars for them bitches wann’t a option."

"My kicks like my chick, I don’t need to know the numbers. You just need to know I’m comin’, I’ll kill you niggas this summer."


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