If you want to jump straight ahead to the video, you can do that. Or, you can keep reading, get the details here, then check the video for a better look at the shoe and anything you may have missed. Cool? Cool.

UNDFTD has worked with Puma before, turning out the 24k Mid back in 2009. But this is a bigger project — one that will continue over two years, with releases on the 10th of the month. (Not every month, but a couple times a year.) The first release, the Puma Clyde "Stripe Off," a re-engineered four pack of Clydes, hit shelves this Sunday, April 10th. UNDFTD's Eddie Cruz and KB came through NYC a few nights ago to celebrate the release along with a few hundred close friends, and they were kind enough to discuss a little about the project with Complex before the doors opened:

• The "Stripe-Off" isn't just a Clyde with no stripes — UNDFTD helped Puma re-tool the shoe from the sole up, including an antimicrobial lining (no need for socks), a better-padded ankle, and a more crush-proof toebox. "No one has really touched it as deep as we touched it," Cruz says. "We think it's a sleeping giant."

• While still somewhat limited, the intent behind this release was to get it into more doors than just those with UNDFTD on them, including Bodega, DQM and others. There are no plans of yet to do a hyperlimited, UNDFTD-only release. Also prices will range from $110 (for the leather joints you see here) down to $65 for some of the later releases. Think same silhouette, different materials. Canvas, nylon ripstop, ballistic mesh.

Walt "Clyde" Frazier knows about these, and wholeheartedly approves. He suggested naming them "The Resurrection," but UNDFTD demurred as it would imply that the shoe was dead before.

• Go in. And remember to cop yours on Sunday.