Each Tuesday and Thursday, we reach out to the Complex community and ask our followers to Twitpic the sneakers they're wearing that day. Some followers are so consistent in tweeting heat that we select them for our Twit-Kicks All-Star column, a post where they break down the top 10 sneakers in their closet. This week it's Adam Brown's turn. Check out @bece3000's collection by hitting the jump, and don't forget to keep photographing your weekly kicks and sending them in—you could be the next All-Star.

Twitter alias: @bece3000
Following: 113
Followers: 57
Real name: Adam Brown
Location: Mankato, MN
Day job: Father, Verizon Wireless Rep, and DJ
Last sneaker purchased: Air Jordan III Retro (White/Cement)
Prized sneaker in collection: OG Air Jordan XIs (Concord)—I drove 60 miles in a snow storm to cop.
Holy grail(s): A deadstock pair of Air Jordan XIs (Bred) to wear on my wedding day.
Approximate size of sneaker collection: A little less than 200.
How it is that you have such a solid collection? As an ’80s baby, I got to witness some of the greatest athletes of any generation. From Bo Jackson to Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Sanders, Andre Agassi, and obviously, Mike. These guys covered my walls growing up, and ironically, they all were endorsed heavily by the Swoosh. I got serious about my sneakers when I was in grade school. I remember as a 5th grader, certain upperclassmen of the opposite sex would comment on the shoes I had on, and I thought, "If girls like her are noticing my shoes, then just maybe..." (Wink). As I got older, I stuck with certain models, made some friends with connections, and just kind of ran with it. Now I hope to pass the love down to my son. I have to shout out my parents who never harassed me for blowing my allowance on shoes instead of saving. Also to my girl for allowing me to take up her closet space and all of my followers/the ones I follow on Twitter. You're all part of the inspiration.