Our first Twit-Kicks All-Star, Andy Oliver,is also one of the biggest sneaker bargain-hunters on the net. In his weekly column, Andy helps save you money on sneakers everyone else is paying a grip for.


Andy says: "The Nike Air 180 is one of my favorite models ever. Needless to say, I was horrified when I heard that Nike was producing a hybrid 180 last year. To my surprise, the Nike Air Lunar 180 worked on every level. The new version inserted the technology du jour, but still managed to maintain the essence of the original. This week’s Deal of the Week finds the Aquamarine Lunar 180 for less than $80 on eBay. These are still selling for the $130 retail price in lots of shops, so scoop them while you can. After all, if they’re good enough for the British guy in Inception , they should be good enough for you."

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