Each Tuesday and Thursday, we reach out to the Complex community and ask our followers to Twitpic the sneakers they're wearing that day. Some followers are so consistent in tweeting heat that we select them for our Twit-Kicks All-Star column, a post where they break down the top 10 sneakers in their closet. This week it's Chris Rosario's turn. Check out @kixRrus's collection by hitting the jump, and don't forget to keep photographing your weekly kicks and sending them in—you could be the next All-Star.

Twitter alias: @kixRrus
Following: 69
Followers: 390
Real name: Chris Rosario
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Day job: United States Navy
Last sneaker purchased: Nike Trainer SC High (Mushroom)
Prized sneaker in collection: Nike Total Pillar Max
Holy grail(s): Nike Air Pillar (Neon)
Approximate size of sneaker collection: 400+
How it is that you have such a solid collection? "Well for me it has never been about the “game”. I have always been into sports. I was fascinated by the shoes that these professional athletes wore. Not just Michael Jordan’s shoes but the other guys like Pippen, Ewing, Larry Johnson, Deion Sanders, Ken Griffey Jr and so on. Being able to have seen the shoes they would wear during games influenced me to try and obtain them. Funny thing is that my foot stopped growing when I was 13 years old at a size 10. I managed to keep a few shoes from then. I remember for my birthday, my mom (R.I.P.) took me to the sneaker store and she picked the Air Jordan X “Powder”. I didn’t want them so instead I chose the Nike Air Unlimited’s in the Black/Slate colorway. I loved them. She knew that I loved them so much that when I came home from school with a bad report card, she cut the straps off from them and I was hurt. Quality means a lot to me. I don’t discriminate on brands, I wear them all. Things ain’t the same they used to be but we all know that. All I can do is wear what I like and forget the rest.”