Half of the sneaker game is knowing what kicks are out when, and which shops have them. Our Shelf Space column looks at what shops around the country are stocking in a given week, and gives a quick glimpse into the mind of the buyer/manager/owner who put them there. As we continue our mission of bringing you the insides of the best sneaker spots from around the U.S., we stop in at DQM, located on E. 3rd St. in NYC. Richards, the man behind the counter at one of NY's greatest footwear boutiques, took the time to give us a look at the top 10 sneakers currently sitting on the store's shelves. Check out his picks, as well as what he has to say about each one. 

Selection and writing by Richards
Photography by Aaron Joseph

adidas Busenitz - True Blue/Gum - $80

"The 'Nitz is back with the blues baby. Howlin at the moon live from the mission. Bebops ski-bopin' through your radio waves at 98 GHz! Good night St. Louis!"

Vans California Classics Slip-On - Black Suede - $60
"Dudes and slip-on sneakers will always coincide with dudes and open toe sandals with socks in my book. However, when it comes to skateboarding it’s a different story. Best skate shoe ever? Possibly. Best pig suede skate shoe ever? Definitely."

Vans California Classics Sk8-Hi - Black/Marshmallow - $70
"Little inventions that help us through daily life tend to go unnoticed. Take for instance the paper clip; who came up with that concept and when? Is said person a millionaire now living in the South of France? Homeless in the labyrinth bellow Grand Central? Wikipedia here I come. What I'm getting at here is that the genius behind the inverted waffle sole (even though the idea may have been spun from a temper tantrum due to lack of sleep resulting in a waffle sole thrown at the wall and landing upside down) deserves a pat on the back."

Converse - One Star 74 - Black/White - $70
"A certain someone filmed a pivotal skate part in a certain mid-’90s skate video wearing this exact shoe. Answer this riddle in the form of a question and win nothing."

Vans Vault x Filson Era 45 LX - Brown/Tan - $100
"Four things going on here that I hold dear to my heart; brown, tan, Filson Outfitters, and a low profile vulcanized skate shoe with pro insoles."

Kr3w Jackson - Grey Canvas - $86
"Versatility is the word of the minute. I'm talking party/prison shoe here. One could lead to the other in any order at anytime. I think I would prefer a welcome home party after prison as opposed to going to a party blacking out and waking up in prison, but whatever floats your boat..."

Vans Switchback - Grey Wool - $80
"I heard a rumor once that George Washington's teeth were made of wool. Turns out it was wood. His teeth were made of wood. Makes sense. When I retell the story I still say wool, shock value being the priority."

HUF Genuine - Black/Gum - $70
"Convertibles are huge for guys in a mid-life crisis, thus this is an easy sell. The only thing that could make it any easier would be to couple it with a red Mazda Miata."

Vans Chukka Pea Coat - Windsor Wine - $85
"Huge wine fan. Mainly red wines from Argentina. I like them dry and inky. Really stains the teeth and makes you look trashy. Ladies love it. Trust me."

adidas Skate - Black Suede - $60
"There is nothing clever or sarcastic to say about this one. It’s just a clean skate shoe. Buy it."

7 E 3rd St(between 2nd Ave & Bowery)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 505-7551

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