Most collaborations seem to follow a specific pattern —a newer "street" company links up with an older "heritage" brand to revamp and restyle some "iconic" product. The "street" company gets some historical heft, and the "heritage" company gets some up-to-date cool. Everybody wins. Well, usually. But this collab is different. Here you have two heritage brands—Dickies, established in 1922, and Converse, established in 1908 — combining forces on a truly iconic silhouette — the venerable Chuck Taylor All-Star, which has been produced since 1921. There will also be a new silhouette, the "Chuck Taylor All-Star Classic Boot," which does away with the rubber toecap in favor of a moc toe. Both the All-Star Lows and Classic Boots will be made from Dickies twill, and feature the Dickies logo on the heels.

-Russ Bengtson