Each Tuesday and Thursday, we reach out to the Complex community and ask our followers to Twitpic the sneakers they're wearing that day. Some followers are so consistent in tweeting heat that we select them for our Twit-Kicks All-Star column, a post where they break down the top 10 sneakers in their closet. This week it's Jonas Guerrero's turn. Check out @jonastheprince's collection by hitting the next slide, and don't forget to keep photographing your weekly kicks and sending them in—you could be the next All-Star.

Twitter alias: @jonastheprince

Following: 151

Followers: 143

Real name: Jonas Guerrero

Location: Bronx, NY

Day job: Entrepreneur, recording artist, youth mentor, Jesus freak

Last sneaker purchased: Ronnie Fieg x Culture Shoq Sebago Nexus Project

Prized sneaker in collection: Nike Dunk SB Paris

Holy grail: Jesus Christ

Approximate size of sneaker collection: 103

How it is that you have such a solid collection? “I fell in love with kicks at a young age growing up. I was a big fan of Michael Jordan and Anfernee Hardaway so I always wanted their signature shoes. My mom couldn't always afford to get me any of those so I usually had to settle for a pair of British Knights until i saved up or my birthday came around. Every year for my birthday I'd get a pair of Js or Pennys. I can honestly say that I've owned almost every pair of Jordan's (1-17). In my opinion, Jordan Brand fell off after 17. When I got older and could afford to buy my own kicks, I went crazy. I would spent every dime I had on sneakers and streetwear. I built many relationships through networking that later allowed me to acquire the rarest sneakers, sometimes without ever lining up. Others, I had to pay an absurd amount of money for. But looking back, I don't regret it.”